Conflict of Emotion

Have you ever been in love with someone that you knew just wasn’t good for you? I think that we all have. Truth be told,  I sometimes feel that I can not shake that feeling. I do believe that saying “when you give yourself to a person it is a soul tie” because my mind goes to a place of just wanting “him” or feeling like no one can achieve the goals of my heart like “he” can. I think that I can safely say that there is nothing wrong with the way that we feel. But at what cost are we willing to “beat a dead horse”? We have to face the fact that sometimes people do not change, attitudes stay the same, and the games never get old. Even with all of that said I still wish that circumstances were different. I wish that my heart wasn’t attached to the love that will never be mine. I wish that past situations didn’t occur because now my family hates “him” and if “he” was to ever come back to me, will they accept “him” with open arms? Will my heart trust again? So many things to consider but yet I still love “him”. Ugh! This heart is so confused!



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My Passion is to connect with other single mother's and to share the knowledge of our real-life experiences, promote self-care, illustrate life balance, and empower through inspiration. I focus on motherhood. womanhood. lifestyle. self-care. and fashion. I hope that you enjoy as my content is validation of my heart.

One thought on “Conflict of Emotion

  1. This is what I’m going through right now…. he’s a great person but may not be good for me at this moment. But how the generation is now u have to take the bad with the good and vise verse… “Sigh”

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