The Kind of Friend

What makes you a real and true friend? This is a question that I should have asked upon meeting a lot of my so called “friends” a long time ago. Let me share my little secret with you…I befriend people too quickly. Blame it on my nice personality. I would give any and everybody the “friend” title just because they were nice to me, or because our conversations were interesting. As I get older and as I go through certain stages in my life, I clearly and quickly learned the difference between a real and true friend vs. a seasonal friend. See, a seasonal friend is someone that enters your life for a short period of time to teach you a lesson, leach off your happiness to pull themselves up, and twist your feelings to make you question your own loyalty. Those are the people that you stay away from. I had to learn that misery loves company and my company is not set up to entertain foolishness. I am the kind of friend that gives 110% to the friendship. If we can’t share experiences together or show empathy for our friendship, then we are not friends. I don’t want a some-timing friendship. You can keep your “it’s my way or the highway” friendship. A real and true friend makes you feel as if the world is conquerable and is willing to conquer it with you no matter what. If you never took heed to anything that I have ever said, trust me on this! Choose your friends wisely, because your friendship is worth way more than just a season.


true friend


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My Passion is to connect with other single mother's and to share the knowledge of our real-life experiences, promote self-care, illustrate life balance, and empower through inspiration. I focus on motherhood. womanhood. lifestyle. self-care. and fashion. I hope that you enjoy as my content is validation of my heart.

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