Dear young lady!

Dear Young Nia,

I am writing you this letter because I believe that there are a few misunderstandings as well as acknowledgements that needs to be addressed. For starters, you are one stubborn, yet guarded, but strong young lady and I finally understand why. You went through some situations that you didn’t understand but you still stood tall to face the actions time and time again. You went through your childhood without your father so throughout your teenage years you went searching for love to possibly fill the void of where your father should have been. Being that your mind has been through so much, I know that it is hard for you to really sit and focus on your ambitions and dreams but I assure you that none of your creativity will go to waste. I need you to know that every idea, invention, and creation will be put to use for the sake of your love for “making all things Niaish”. You are destined for greatness but you can’t see that right now because of the situations you’ve faced. Once you learn to gather your thoughts and really act on your ideas with certainty, you will be unstoppable. Next, I want you to know that the love that you once thought would be forever will be just a fling. I need you to be smarter and make wise decisions. Listen to your heart and don’t be a fool. Say no when no is due to avoid hurt and constant worry. Cherish your body and know that you are worth waiting for. Don’t let him make you feel less than what you are because a man that tries to tear you down to make himself look big is not a man. You must value life and stop feeling that killing yourself would solve all your problems. Your life will no longer be your own. You will have to grow up and mature faster than what you expected because you have little eyes watching your every move. It all may seem crazy but one day it will make sense, I promise. Don’t feel bad for not finishing school. You are smart and your degree will not only prove to others that you can commit to something, but it will prove to you that you can commit to something. As you figure out your career, you will go through jobs just to show your strengths and weaknesses but starting your own business is definitely the way to go.  In many ways, your life will feel incomplete and you will lose family and friends that meant a lot to you but this only teaches you the true definition of loyalty. Never question your loyalty to others because you know that when you give your all, it comes from deep within. Unfortunately, the friendships that you thought were real will fail you time and time again. Fortunately, the failure will leave you with many valuable lessons. Your life will be nothing like you originally imagined it to be but I encourage you to count solely on God. You will not be able to get through your trails without him. Don’t be afraid to admit when your wrong and when you are hurt. Keep your faith, uplift your spirit, and compliment yourself. Remain patient and know that everything will work out for your good. When you become well-known from your creativity and style, be humble. If you could see what I see now, I’m sure the decisions that you make would be different. Take your time to live and grow. Accept your journey head on and love your life no matter what. I may not be able to stop a lot of the things that has happened to you but I can definitely assure you that your life will not go to waste. I love you more than you know!



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My Passion is to connect with other single mother's and to share the knowledge of our real-life experiences, promote self-care, illustrate life balance, and empower through inspiration. I focus on motherhood. womanhood. lifestyle. self-care. and fashion. I hope that you enjoy as my content is validation of my heart.

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